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New Books

I’m awaiting the proofs of my new book – Sweet Destiny – a combination of 3 novellas of romance and intrigue! I’m also editing a collection of 22 romantic short stories, hopefully to be published next year – title to be decided. At the moment entitled The Romantic Collection, but might change that. Have a look at my fun page for my new poster, now adorning local advertising boards. A bit more eye-catching that the last one I think.


National Short Story Week

This week is National Short Story Week. Check out the website at: . Click on Inspiration for writers: Success at last…  My article which will, I hope, encourage aspiring writers.

Malvern Theatres

10th November: The As You Read It event at Malvern Forum Theatre and what a wonderful night it was! I read my story Whisper in the Wind to a very appreciative audience and the experience was amazing – see my Festivals and Fun page for more detail


A busy week; I’m talking to Pembridge Book Club this afternoon – should be fun – and then it’s the big read at Malvern Theatre for the ‘As You Read It’ event on Thursday! All very exciting. I’m working on a novel and a short story that has so far reached 5000 words – not so short after all. Time, I need more of it.

Bromyard Poetry Group

Last night I visited Bromyard Poetry Group, a very lively gathering indeed. After my talk I stayed and listened to their poetry – some really lovely poems, my thanks to the group for such a fun evening.

I’ve another talk lined up for next week at a book group and bookings for WI meetings are coming in after my successful audition and inclusion in their Speakers’ Book. And, of course, there’s the exciting ‘As You Read It’ event at Malvern Theatre next Thursday – a busy time ahead.


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