Monthly Archives: December 2011

Sweet Destiny

Sweet Destiny, a novella trilogy of  mystery and intrigue, villainy and romance, is at the final proof stage. I’m sorting out the blurbs, preface etc. Very exciting. Hopefully it will be on sale at the start of 2012 – a good beginning to a new year. In between tapping away on the computer I’m trying to prepare for Christmas, the stores are bright with lights and tempting goodies. Everyone seems happy at Christmas and smiles in the street – a pity the goodwill doesn’t last for longer. I can always hope…


Caerleon Writers’ Holiday

I’ve booked in for Caerleon Writers’ Holiday next July. I got such a buzz from Swanwick Writers Holiday this year and so I thought I’d give Caerleon a whirl. The programme sounds wonderful and a whole week of writers and writing!

The new book, Sweet Destiny, is at the proof reading stage – 3 stories of romance and mystery, and the collection due for publication sometime next year is complete and ready to edit – quite a lot to do I think! Still no title, but thinking.

Christmas fast approaching, cards to write, presents to pack and time scooting along at a ridiculous pace.

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