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National Short Story Week

Short story writers unite! NSSW runs from 12th to 18th November 2012. This is an important time for all lovers of the short story and is being promoted via the website: Publicity is important and I’m already drafting articles to magazines as they usually like copy at least six months before publication.



I’ve just completed the first draft of a thriller, Ghost of a Memory. It started out as a short story and has run to 13,330 words – that is not short! And where on earth am I going to submit it? There’s some editing to do, obviously, and a few technical police procedure questions to check – I’m not very clued up on those – but it’s a satisfying feeling to finish it. I’ve been living with these characters for a while now; the power – their future in my hands!


Well, three talks completed. The W.I. audiences are great fun and very interested. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed the evenings and look forward to more. The members have fun with unusual competitions and provide tasty refreshments – which I shouldn’t be tempted by as I’m trying to lose the weight I put on over Christmas!

W.I. Talks

A new year and several bookings already to give talks on ‘The ups and downs of a short story writer’ to Herefordshire W.I.s. Should be fun and I’m looking forward to meeting members of the W.I.

Happy New Year

2012, that has a good ring to it! I wish everyone a good healthy one, and a happy writing year.

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