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Malvern Theatres

Malvern Theatres are running their ‘As You Read It ‘ competition again this year. The competition calls for a ten minute, read aloud, original short story. I was lucky enough to be among the eight finalists last year and read my story ‘Whisper in the Wind’ (1400 words) to an audience of over 300. Amazing and terrifying, but I’m entering again this year! The event will be held on May 17th at Malvern Theatres and, believe you me, it is a fantastic event for short story writers. Check out the details at


Bromyard Literary Festival

The festival runs from 14th to 18th March – an exciting lineup of authors, poets, children’s authors/illustrators, book designers/printers, and much more. Full details at Check it out and come along, it will be fun! Don’t forget to call at the Conquest Theatre where I’ll be signing my books; and Ralph, the canine author, will be launching his new book.

Novella again!

This time I thought I had written a novel and finished the last chapter with a flourish. Word count 34,000 – another novella! This seems to be my maximum. It’s a thriller, it twists and turns, it has a climax – and it’s not long enough. Longer than the last one of 14,000 words, but markets for these lengths are scarce. Never mind, I enjoyed the creating. Back to the short stories, a couple submitted this morning, so fingers crossed, and several away already. It’s the waiting – I’m not a patient person!

National Short Story Week

Working hard on ideas to promote the NSSW in November. Anyone interested in joining in the fun should look at the website: Plenty of interesting  information and ideas. I’m also getting to grips with a new mobile phone – more a mini-computer! But I’m getting there and no doubt will master all the apps available eventually. One day technology will overtake my capacity to master, but not yet, I hope!

Bromyard Literary Trail

Bromyard Literary Festival takes place in March and, on Saturday March 17th, there will be a Literary Trail through the town with authors and poets in different venues. I am appearing at the Conquest Theatre and hoping that everyone will visit me. I will be sharing the venue with Ralph, the newshound, who will be doing a ‘paw signing’!

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