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Sweet Destiny, a trilogy of novellas

My book, Sweet Destiny, has been published and will be available from bookshops. Take a look at my Published titles page on my website: to see a picture of the lovely cover. Sweet Destiny is a trilogy of novellas where romance and intrigue intertwine. I’m looking forward to marketing and generating publicity for the book. It’s always fun getting a book ‘out there’ and meeting people.


Malvern Theatres ‘As You Read It’

Last night at Malvern Theatres was wonderful. There were 9 finalists with a mix of entertaining stories and a lovely audience who were a joy to perform to.  I read my story, A Chance for Charlie, first and was then able to relax and enjoy the other stories. A marvellous evening. The competition As You Read It is to be held again later in the year so, if you feel you want to  have a go at story telling, keep an eye on the website: – download short stories is a new on-line site for downloading short stories. The launch date is May 16th 2012. See my Writing News page on my website: for a copy of the Press Release. Full details of the site and its content are there. Several of my stories – contemporary, crime, romance and humour – are included on the site for the launch and there will be other stories available on a regular basis. Take a look – it’s an exciting innovation!

New Book

Sweet Destiny, a trilogy of novellas, contains three stories of mystery and intrigue, villainy and romance that will keep the reader turning the pages to discover the truth and final destiny of the characters. I have just received the final proofs, very exciting, and publication date is May 8th. Not long to wait now. I’ll post more details and a photo of the cover on my website soon.



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