Monthly Archives: November 2012

Extracts from Destiny’s Footprints

I have created a new page on my website: to publish extracts from my short story collection, Destiny’s Footprints. The collection is a mix of humour, crime, supernatural and slice of life. And, of course, the majority of stories have a twist ending – I love writing twist endings! I hope the collection will amuse and enthrall you, as well as sending the occasional shiver up your spine. Destiny’s Footprints is available from my ‘Books for Sale’ page at £5 including packaging and postage (RRP £6 + p&p).



Finally getting to grips with this fascinating site. Posted some photographs today, scenes that have inspired my short stories. Most of my ideas spring from a place or sensory feeling. I find somewhere, a magical atmosphere, that inspires my creative juices and I think: ‘Who can I put here? Why?’ and so a story develops, spooky, chilling or romantic and happy. Imagination is a wonderful thing!

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