Monthly Archives: January 2013

Successful Competition

The Herefordshire and Wye Valley Life magazine Short Story Competition is now closed. I was thrilled with the amount and standard of entries. There were some lovely stories and it was very difficult for the editor and I to decide on the winners. The short list was more of a long list! I thoroughly enjoyed reading the contributions. There is obviously a great deal of imaginative creative writing out there. I do hope those who entered the competition will continue to expose their talent. Results will be out soon!


What’s in a name? Hard work!

Names, for a short story writer, are a nightmare! Having collated my second collection (working title ‘Twist and Mix’), Kate changes age and situation several times and James appears in the past, present and future! Hardly feasible. I constantly refer to my ‘Bumper Book of Babies Names’. I’ve even found myself watching television with a pad and pen searching the credits for interesting Christian names – and then, do they suit the character? Which one is the real James? Ah well, must get back to editing – Juno, Jolyon, Jethro?

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