Monthly Archives: February 2013

Technology wins!

I love holding a book in my hand. To me the feel and smell of new paper is magical. But, as all writers are admitting, e-books are the future. With another collection of short stories almost ready and a novella completed, I have succumbed to the inevitable and I am approaching digital publishers. It is great to know my work may be out there in the massive market of downloads, but I wonder if I could still publish one copy, just for me?


The mystery of a mystery

Meeting lots of writers on Twitter – great! Plenty of ideas and information. Need inspiration at the moment, I’ve a story flowing well where a wife keeps disappearing. Trouble is, I can’t make up my mind where she’s going! Another man is too obvious, must be somewhere that makes the reader say: ‘Wow, I would never have guessed that’. Going on a day’s writing retreat soon, perhaps I’ll be able to say ‘hallelujah!’ at the end of it.

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