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Baatram and Leominster Festival

Who is Baatram? Baatram, the symbolic Ryeland sheep, will be present at Leominster Festival from 1st to 9th June. For centuries Leominster’s economy relied on sheep rearing and wool processing. Ryeland wool, the fabled ‘Lemster Ore’ was exported to Milan as early as 1450.  There are events for all ages at Leominster Festival: literature, music, craft, dance, film and visual arts, with free family activities, walks, workshops and talks. Come and join in the fun, it’s going to be a wonderful week. Please visit the website: I hope to see you there



Bromyard has 6″ snow, so I’m not appearing at the Festival! Neither is Phil Rickman or any other local author, most disappointing. As I’m not supposed to be at home, I shall spend the time playing with my new baby Acer laptop, which has Windows 8. It’s different!! Tiles and Charms? Just when I think I’ve mastered computers, along comes the ‘new and improved’ and I’m flummoxed again!

Bromyard Literary Festival

It’s that time of year again! Bromyard Literary Festival takes place next week and I will be at the Conquest Theatre on Saturday, 23rd March, from 10.30 onwards, ready to talk to anyone interested in writing – my favourite subject. There are other authors keeping me company at the theatre and appearing at different venues in the town. Visit the website: to see further details of all the events planned. It will be a fun week for adults and children. Do come along, I look forward to seeing you.

Tweeting a flash fiction

Calling all writers. Practice economy of words by writing a story in a tweet, 140 characters. If not a story, then an inspiration, such as this intriguing advert: ‘For sale: a pair of walking socks, size 5, only one hole’. The mind boggles, but starts creating!

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