Monthly Archives: September 2013

The Journeyman

Take a look at The Journeyman online magazine: Good stories, free to download and read. The Waltzing Web, my story, is in Issue 2. The magazine is an eclectic mix of stories, something for everyone. Well worth exploring for writers and readers.


Writing can seriously affect reality

I think uploading my novella, Tangled Web, to Amazon has been too much for my brain. I am now eagerly awaiting the postman, not for news of writing success, but for a Meerkat! I have taken out car insurance through a certain Internet site, been serenaded with fireworks sparkling my name across the screen and am now awaiting updates as my Meerkat travels from Meerkovo to me. Mad? Yes, maybe I need a break from creative writing! Although I have got an idea sneaking into my mind …

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