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Tangled Web

I’m thrilled to say my book Tangled Web is now available in paperback from Amazon. A story of mystery and obsession as the treacherous past becomes entangled with the present. It’s also available as a Kindle download.


Don’t cry . . .

I want to share a lovely quotation with you: ‘Don’t cry because it’s over; smile because it happened’. I find this changes my perception of events, especially sad ones. I’ve looked for the origin of this quote but found nothing. Does anybody out there know where it originated? I’d be interested to hear.

Book sale – half price!

Pay half price(£3 inc p&p) for Destiny’s Footprints or Sweet Destiny  until Christmas. Brilliant presents. See website, Books for Sale page, for details:

Tecnology hurdles

CreateSpace – another technical hurdle – has been mastered. Tangled Web, my suspense novella, is now available in paperback as well as Kindle. I’ve realised I’ve jumped my hurdles backwards! The sensible approach is CreateSpace and then Kindle Direct Publishing – I’ve learnt the hard way, but I’ve succeeded!

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