Do you see? Through the window …

Do you see? Through the window, shining brightly, the lights and tinsel twinkling in the branches? The Christmas tree, centre of the celebrations, guardian of the presents, loved by young and old. I was there once, amid the joy and laughter. But this Christmas I will sleep, slumbering to escape the frost and snow, dreaming until the spring sunshine penetrates my numb senses.

Do you see? The children touch the feathery fronds, oh so gently, sneaking chocolate Santas into their mouths and they laugh with happiness, the joy of Christmas surrounding them. I can see their gaiety as I tremble in the cold wind; but my heart is warm because I was there once, wallowing in that encompassing love.

The corner of the garden has become a forest as the years pass by and I sigh in the wind, graceful and happy, the tallest of them all. Do you see my tinsel? Gossamer threads of spiders’ webs, sparkling with the frost, my branches alive with scurrying insects and my evergreen leaves bouncing beneath the birds that find a haven here.

My decorations change with the seasons and are never packed away. Blessed life seeps through my roots as I proudly survey the annual celebrations and eagerly await the newcomer to my forest. A new tree that will shiver in the sudden cold, but find nurture in the hard ground and flourish below me.

In the spring the children will dance across the lawn and whisper, ‘Do you see?’ and touch the young shoots, oh so gently, on the newly planted Christmas tree. ‘Do you see? It is alive!’


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