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Half Price Sale

Half Price Sale!

Destiny’s Footprints and Sweet Destiny are now available for £3.00 each (inc. p&p)


See: ‘Books for Sale’ page


Chase a Rainbow – Kindle

A heart-warming read for cold winter days, a romantic mystery, published by Boroughs Publishing Group, America. Available from publisher or Amazon:

Left a legacy to “chase her rainbow,” and with the intent of creating a beautiful hotel, Sarah Morgan bought a derelict stone house in her deceased father’s hometown. Quiet, quaint, the picturesque Welsh fishing village of Tremaine seems the perfect location. But it also holds a storm of secrets. What are the local fisherman David and his wife Susan so afraid of, and why does their son look so familiar? Is someone plotting against Sarah, determined her venture will fail? Do friends from her past have ulterior motives for their assistance? And Jed, her handsome, mysterious handyman. What secrets does he hide, and is his kiss everything Sara hopes?

All will be revealed at Rainbow’s End.

Shadow of a Memory – short Kindle read

On the canal, a narrow boat rocks gently beneath the swaying willows. A peaceful scene and a safe haven for the runaway Naomi. Or is it? A stranger moors his boat nearby and Naomi’s fear returns. He knows her name. Is he a danger to her life as she hides from the man whose criminal activities she has witnessed? Or is he another fugitive, passing fleetingly through her life? As the ripples from her actions spread increasingly wider, danger creeps insidiously closer and events take a startling twist.

Happy New Year

Happy New Year to you all. May 2014 be healthy and peaceful for everyone

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