Monthly Archives: April 2014

Mission accomplished!

Twist & Mix, my new collection of short stories, has finally been published. My deadline was the end of April – I have a few days to spare! The book is available from Amazon in paperback or to download. I hope you enjoy it. See the Twist & Mix page for a taster.

Twist & Mix isĀ an eclectic cocktail of stories to tantalise every taste.

Mix the humour of village life with the fascination of the supernatural; the intrigue of crime with a smidgeon of fear; before adding a twist of emotion and romance.

Twenty two thought-provoking stories that will surprise and amuse; inspire the imagination and leave the reader wondering.


Nearly there!

Twist & Mix, the new collection of short stories, will be published before the end of the month. Stating that fact gives me a deadline, something I need to stop procrastinating! So, don’t hesitate to nag me if I don’t keep my promise

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