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Dark Romance?

I was discussing with fellow writers why my nice romantic tales have become dark and inclined to the supernatural – although I’ve always loved ghost stories, but the spirits are usually benign! Is it the weather or am I getting cynical? Finally got a cover for my latest tale:


Love dies, obsession is born; and waits, festering, for fate to choose the moment ...

Love dies, obsession is born; and waits, festering, for fate to choose the moment …


Deadly Obsession

Read a taster of the supernatural mystery ‘Deadly Obsession’ – if you want to know what happens, download for 99p:


‘Today,’ Ethan Randle thought, as he sliced chunks of meat into the bowl, ‘today she will come.’

He thought of his soul-mate, devouring the blood-dripping lumps, and he smiled. A feast to enjoy, and he would.

‘Lily’, the name wafted and clung in his memory. ‘Lily,’ he whispered and a surge of triumph seared his mind. At last the interminable wait was over.


* * * * * * * * * *


She was past the house before recognition hit her. Slamming on the brakes, Freya slid onto the grass verge. Her heart was hammering. She took a deep breath. Backing up, she drove the car into the narrow layby opposite and turned off the engine, her hands shaking. Clutching the steering wheel, she twisted in her seat, staring at the stone building. A paint-peeled wooden sign hung crookedly, Leofric Farm.

Built in an L-shape, the wall against the road was windowless, and the ragged lawn that fronted the house was without adornment. No pots of early pansies, no trays of polyanthus, nothing to acknowledge the beginning of spring. A weeping willow reared above the roof, its flouncing skirt of branches swaying in the breeze, the leaves darkening the window panes.

Freya stepped out of the car, closing the door quietly. She stood, stretching; it had been a long journey and it wasn’t over yet. She really didn’t have time to linger. Her eyes swept the house again and she wondered at the fence that separated the land from the road verge – two steel pipes, supported by round steel posts. Pipes that would be used for water or drainage, so unfitting for the house, so… She shuddered. So – not right.

Her eyes were drawn to a large bone in the middle of the yard, chewed and yellowed. She looked around nervously.

“Can I help you?” The man’s voice cut through her uneasiness and she jumped. He was standing in the yard, his hand resting on the pipe fence, the door open behind him.

“Are you lost?”

She nodded. Yes, she was lost, there was no doubt about that. But not in the sense he meant.

A Tale for Halloween

Halloween – a night when spirits rise and terrify our senses. Prepare for that spooky feeling – download Deadly Obsession, 99p from Amazon.

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