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Runaway Love

Runaway Love, a story of heartache, intrigue and romance, has now been released as a paperback as well as available in e-book format. Read and enjoy!




After my course with John Lamont (brilliant!) at Swanwick this year, my goal was to finish my novella Deadly Obsession by Christmas. Well it’s done! And available to download from Amazon – BUT I now find the characters won’t let me go and I’ve started on a sequel, or maybe it should be part 2?! In which case Deadly Obsession is NOT finished! Hey Ho, John, what have you started?

Dark Romance?

I was discussing with fellow writers why my nice romantic tales have become dark and inclined to the supernatural – although I’ve always loved ghost stories, but the spirits are usually benign! Is it the weather or am I getting cynical? Finally got a cover for my latest tale:


Love dies, obsession is born; and waits, festering, for fate to choose the moment ...

Love dies, obsession is born; and waits, festering, for fate to choose the moment …

A Tale for Halloween

Halloween – a night when spirits rise and terrify our senses. Prepare for that spooky feeling – download Deadly Obsession, 99p from Amazon.

Mission accomplished!

Twist & Mix, my new collection of short stories, has finally been published. My deadline was the end of April – I have a few days to spare! The book is available from Amazon in paperback or to download. I hope you enjoy it. See the Twist & Mix page for a taster.

Twist & Mix is an eclectic cocktail of stories to tantalise every taste.

Mix the humour of village life with the fascination of the supernatural; the intrigue of crime with a smidgeon of fear; before adding a twist of emotion and romance.

Twenty two thought-provoking stories that will surprise and amuse; inspire the imagination and leave the reader wondering.

Winds of Change

Boroughs Publishing Group of America have released my e-book, Winds of Change, a story of romance and heartbreak, mystery and dangerous secrets:

After twelve months travelling and nursing a broken heart, Kate Bramwell has returned to the Welsh
borderlands to find a stranger in her bed. And the dangerously handsome Grant
Drummond is only the beginning . . .

Chase a Rainbow – Kindle

A heart-warming read for cold winter days, a romantic mystery, published by Boroughs Publishing Group, America. Available from publisher or Amazon:

Left a legacy to “chase her rainbow,” and with the intent of creating a beautiful hotel, Sarah Morgan bought a derelict stone house in her deceased father’s hometown. Quiet, quaint, the picturesque Welsh fishing village of Tremaine seems the perfect location. But it also holds a storm of secrets. What are the local fisherman David and his wife Susan so afraid of, and why does their son look so familiar? Is someone plotting against Sarah, determined her venture will fail? Do friends from her past have ulterior motives for their assistance? And Jed, her handsome, mysterious handyman. What secrets does he hide, and is his kiss everything Sara hopes?

All will be revealed at Rainbow’s End.

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