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Swanwick Writers Summer School

Back from a wonderful week at Swanwick. 300 writers under one roof! The inspiration was amazing, so was the noise in the dining room! Courses, workshops, talks, entertainment, open mics…. It was brilliant. Met old friends, made new, come back with a folder full of information, a notebook full of scribbles and a brain that’s Swanicked out! Must get down to WRITE


Happy Christmas

Wishing all my followers and friends a wonderful Christmas and a happy and peaceful year in 2017 x

Long time, no blog!

Hello Everyone,

I thought it about time I re-entered the world of writing. Due to a family bereavement I hadn’t written a word since Christmas. Then, in early August, I went to Swanwick Writers Summer School in Derbyshire for a week. 300 writers under one roof! Amazing, the chatter was tremendous. It was impossible to think of anything else and with courses, workshops, speakers, panels, quizzes and, of course, entertainment, it was a full-on week and so inspirational. I have come back, picked up the threads of my supernatural/mystery/obsessive love story which has been languishing half finished. My new mantra: “I will write 500 words…” Like New Year’s Resolutions I’m not sure how long it will last, but at least I’m on the keyboard again!

29th February – a special day!

An extra day in my year – I intend to make it special. My novel, ‘Runaway Love’, has runaway to the publisher and is available to download from Amazon. The novel starts in February in Herefordshire, so today is a very appropriate day for it to become live! A story of heartache, love and mystery, set in the beautiful countryside, where the past must be confronted to find happiness in the present. Happy reading

Happy Christmas

Wishing everyone a happy Christmas and peaceful and successful New Year. Thank you all for your encouragement and friendship

Withdrawal symptons

Christmas rush, presents, cards, visits – all fun, but I’m getting withdrawal symptoms! Brief moments grabbed to open my computer, no time to finish the thriller that is sitting waiting patiently on KDP! Mustn’t complain, but I would like to get off the Santa Bus for a few hours. Happy Christmas everyone

Baartram will soon be here!

Leominster Festival starts on 1st June. I’m discussing creative fiction on Monday, 3rd June, 3.00pm, in the Granary CafĂ©. Pop in if you can – I need an audience! Visit to see the full programme: literary, musical, family fun events and much more. Hope to see you, and the sunshine, next week.

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