About Fay and her Writing Dream

Fay Wentworth is a writer of short stories and novellas. Her short stories, novellas and articles for children and adults have been published in magazines, anthologies, online and have won awards in national competitions.

She has pursued her love of creative writing since childhood – her first short story written at the age of eleven, a tragic tale about a rabbit in a thunderstorm!

She gives talks and readings to W.I.s, social and writing groups on The ups and downs of a short story writer; in which she tells of her determination to be a short story writer and how, over the intervening years, she has achieved her dream. During that time she has led, as her  family would say, a ‘normal’ life, which includes marriage, motherhood and a career.

She has also appeared and read at Literary Festivals, Garden Fetes and performed at Malvern Theatres. She runs workshops in writing successful fiction  – achieving her ambition to encourage  others into the joys of creative writing.

Two novellas, published in large print, are available from libraries only: Chase a Rainbow and Winds of Change.

Her collection of short stories, Destiny’s Footprints, is an eclectic compilation of thought-provoking stories that will intrigue, surprise and amuse. The characters congregate between the pages from different eras and walks of life to inspire the imagination and leave the reader wondering.

Her trilogy of novellas, Sweet Destiny, was published in May 2012 and contains three stories of mystery and intrigue, villainy and romance that will keep the reader turning the pages to discover the truth and final destiny of the characters.

Destiny’s Footprints  and   Sweet Destiny

 are available from bookshops, RRP £6.00

or can be purchased from the author, £3.00 (inc P&P)


See Books for Sale page for further details.

She has recently triumphed over e-book publishing and, using Kindle Direct Publishing, has uploaded her booklet, Inspiration to Creation, a quick guide to publishing short stories.

Her novella, Tangled Web, is a story of treachery and murder, past betrayals affecting present relationships and, as mysteries become untangled, danger and violence erupt. Tangled Web is available in paperback or e-book format.

Shadow of a Memory, a story of crime and intrigue, set on a canal, is available to download from Amazon.

Boroughs Publishing Group of America has published Chase a Rainbow and Winds of Change as e-books.

In 2014 her second collection, Twist & Mix, was published in paperback and as an e-book. Twist & Mix is an eclectic cocktail of stories to tantalise every taste. Mix the humour of village life with the fascination of the supernatural; the intrigue of crime with a smidgeon of fear; before adding a twist of emotion and romance. Twenty two thought-provoking stories that will surprise and amuse; inspire the imagination and leave the reader wondering.

Deadly Obsession is a short read for Halloween – spirits, supernatural, obsession and retribution, available for download 99p.

Runaway Love – 29th February 2016 – The novel starts in February in Herefordshire, so today is a very appropriate day for it to become live! A story of heartache, love and mystery, set in the beautiful countryside, where the past must be confronted to find happiness in the present.

Full details of all paperback and e-books are on the pages of her website.

Please visit her website: http://www.faywentworth.wordpress.com


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