Love dies, obsession is born; and waits, festering, for fate to choose the moment . . .

Freya starts a new job in Herefordshire, the home of her ancestors. Searching for her Grandmother’s birthplace, she is lured into a maelstrom of desire and fantasy by a tormented soul from the past seeking redemption for his lost love.

As past and present converge, Freya finds herself drawn into a web of tragedy and passion, but will love prevail and overcome the twisted delusion that defies death?



29th February – The novel starts in February in Herefordshire, so today is a very appropriate day for it to become live! A story of heartache, love and mystery, set in the beautiful countryside, where the past must be confronted to find happiness in the present.


When Emma flees to the country to escape the heartache of a broken romance, she finds life as a PA to Alex Baron of Leigh Manor is not as simple as she anticipated. An unfortunate first encounter between herself, Alex and a bull heralds the start of a fiery relationship. And what is the mystery behind the charming façade of Blake, Alex’s assistant?  Emma finds her heart is full of turmoil and conflict, until she learns the meaning of trust; and true love.



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  • Love dies, obsession is born; and waits, festering, for fate to choose the moment ...

    Love dies, obsession is born; and waits, festering, for fate to choose the moment …



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Twist & Mix is an eclectic cocktail of stories to tantalise every taste. Mix the humour of village life with the fascination of the supernatural; the intrigue of crime with a smidgeon of fear; before adding a twist of emotion and romance.

Twenty two thought-provoking stories that will surprise and amuse; inspire the imagination and leave the reader wondering

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Keynote:  Returning to beautiful Stony Ridge Farm on the Welsh borderlands, Kate Bramwell little expects to find a plot to take her family land or the dangerously handsome stranger already living in her cottage…and who will take something even more precious: her heart.


After twelve months travelling and nursing a broken heart, Kate Bramwell has returned to the Welsh borderlands to find a stranger in her bed. And the dangerously handsome Grant Drummond is only the beginning. The family farm is no longer a safe haven, having been turned upside-down in her absence. Her parents appear to trust Grant and his schemes, but a mysterious visitor in a black Mercedes proves more is yet to come. Secrets abound, from her parents to her younger sister, to the neighbors, to everyone visiting Stony Ridge. But amidst the deception is true love, and sometimes, she’ll find, you can come home after all

* * * * * * * * * *


Left a legacy to “chase her rainbow,” and with the intent of creating a handsome hotel, Sarah Morgan bought a derelict stone house in her deceased father’s hometown. Quiet, quaint, the picturesque Welsh fishing village of Tremaine seems the perfect location. But it also holds a storm of secrets. What are the local fisherman David and his wife Susan so afraid of, and why does their son look so familiar? Is someone plotting against Sarah, determined her venture will fail? Do friends from her past have ulterior motives for their assistance? And Jed, her handsome, mysterious handyman… What secrets does he hide, and is his kiss everything Sarah hopes?

All will be revealed at Rainbow’s End.

* * * * * * * * * *


On the canal, a narrow boat rocks gently beneath the swaying willows. A peaceful scene and a safe haven for the runaway Naomi. Or is it? A stranger moors his boat nearby and Naomi’s fear returns. He knows her name. Is he a danger to her life as she hides from the man whose criminal activities she has witnessed? Or is he another fugitive, passing fleetingly through her life? As the ripples from her actions spread increasingly wider, danger creeps insidiously closer and events take a startling twist.

Available as a Kindle download from Amazon – price £0.77

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Tangled Web

A story of intrigue and treachery, obsession and murder, when the past becomes entangled with the present; lightened by a touch of romance.

The paperback edition can be purchased from the author, £3.50 (inc P&P)

Contact:  faywentworth268@btinternet.com

or is available from Amazon in paperback or as a Kindle download

Please see Tangled Web Page for full details


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Inspiration to Creation

Create and Publish

A Quick Guide


Fay Wentworth

* * * * * * * * * *

Twenty-two A5 pages of advice and information on writing and publishing short stories

Available from the author in paperback or as a Kindle download from Amazon

Please see Inspiration to Creation Page for further details

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