29th February – a special day!

An extra day in my year – I intend to make it special. My novel, ‘Runaway Love’, has runaway to the publisher and is available to download from Amazon. The novel starts in February in Herefordshire, so today is a very appropriate day for it to become live! A story of heartache, love and mystery, set in the beautiful countryside, where the past must be confronted to find happiness in the present. Happy reading

No Escape has escaped!

Thanks to all the constructive comments about the cover of my latest book, No Escape, the title has been changed to Runaway Love, a title more suited to a romantic mystery story. A few other subtle changes and I think it is almost ready for publication. When I get to the stage of changing the changes back to the previous changes, I know I’ve changed enough!! Watch out for publication date. Thanks again to those who contributed

No Escape

At long last I’ve shaken off the post-Christmas procrastination and opened the laptop. The weather hasn’t helped, I’m a sunshine person. Yesterday I finished the final draft of my romantic/suspense novella, ‘No Escape’. You can run away but you can’t hide from love. There is no escape. Hopefully it will be available to download by the end of February. In the meantime, please can we have some sunshine!!

Successful New Year

2016 is here and I wish all my family and friends, whether writers, close friends or dancing friends, a Happy and Peaceful New Year, with good health and few problems.

May there be more Highs than Lows x

Happy Christmas

Wishing everyone a happy Christmas and peaceful and successful New Year. Thank you all for your encouragement and friendship


After my course with John Lamont (brilliant!) at Swanwick this year, my goal was to finish my novella Deadly Obsession by Christmas. Well it’s done! And available to download from Amazon – BUT I now find the characters won’t let me go and I’ve started on a sequel, or maybe it should be part 2?! In which case Deadly Obsession is NOT finished! Hey Ho, John, what have you started?

Dark Romance?

I was discussing with fellow writers why my nice romantic tales have become dark and inclined to the supernatural – although I’ve always loved ghost stories, but the spirits are usually benign! Is it the weather or am I getting cynical? Finally got a cover for my latest tale:


Love dies, obsession is born; and waits, festering, for fate to choose the moment ...

Love dies, obsession is born; and waits, festering, for fate to choose the moment …

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