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Destiny’s Footprints and Sweet Destiny are now available for £3.00 each (inc. p&p)


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Tangled Web

A story of intrigue and treachery, obsession and murder, when the past becomes entangled with the present; lightened by a touch of romance.

The paperback edition can be purchased from the author, £3.50 (inc P&P)


or is available from Amazon in paperback or as a Kindle download

Please see Tangled Web Page for full details


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Destiny’s Footprints  and  Sweet Destiny

are available from bookshops, RRP £6.00

or can be purchased from the author, £5.00 (inc P&P)


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Sweet Destiny  contains three stories of mystery and intrigue, villainy and romance, that will keep the reader turning the pages to discover the truth and final destiny of the characters.

Sweet Destiny – Back cover blurbs

Chase a Rainbow

When Sarah opens a hotel in her father’s homeland, she stirs up family secrets. What is David afraid of, and why does his son look familiar? She falls in love with Jed, her mysterious handyman, but he, too, is running away from another life. As pasts and present become entangled, can the heartaches finally be put to rest?

Summer of Promise 

Losing their careers and home, Matt and Lucy accept jobs as wardens on a caravan site by the sea. Holidaymakers bring excitement and problems and life takes on new meaning. But who is Merry, and can they appease Giles, so opposed to their presence? As the summer draws to a close their future takes an unexpected twist.

 Winds of Change

Returning home to Stony Ridge Farm, Kate doesn’t expect to find a strange man living in her cottage. Who is Grant and why is he there? Her parents trust him, but a mysterious visitor arouses Kate’s suspicions. As secrets from the past cause turmoil in the present, Kate finds herself questioning her own feelings.

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Destiny’s Footprints   is an eclectic compilation of thought-provoking stories that will intrigue, surprise and amuse. The characters congregate between the pages from different eras and walks of life to inspire the imagination and leave the reader wondering.

Reviews for Destiny’s Footprints :

I liked your short story collection very much, Fay. I really liked the strange mystical quality that you do so well, and your nice crisp dialogue. Nothing wasted. Enjoyed ‘Footprints’ very much and look forward to the next collection. Hugh C Rae (Writer of historical fiction)


R. Farrar

Excellent mix of stories – I actually read the whole book in one sitting. No two stories alike, which I find unusual and pleasantly surprising and good to go back to and pick out a story to read again. I would definitely recommend this for interest, intrigue and a good, involving read

Linda Acaster (Yorkshire, UK)

Collections of short fiction can lead to a similarity in either content or tone, but ‘Destiny’s Footprints’ proved a magical escapism with stories that left me unsettled, smiling, sad, or rooting for the underdog. Contemporary settings felt like “now”, historicals wrapped me in the period. 22 stories and not a dud among them. Definitely a good read.


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