Inspiration during Lockdown

Throughout Lockdown my group, Kingsland Creative Writers, have beavered away with their writing, keeping me busy and occupied during this miserable winter – wet, cold and no social gatherings to cheer us up! Writing, although a solitary occupation, needs the inspiration of social interaction and soon, weather permitting, we will be able to meet and chat outside once again. I have created a new page on my Website with news of the group’s endeavors – take a look –

Long time, no blog!

It is a while since I wrote on my Website which is very remiss of me. Shall we say – life got in the way? Anyway, having enjoyed teaching Creative Writing last year and, this year (before Lockdown!), setting up my own local Writing Group, I have also been concentrating on a new novella.

I am thrilled that Theresa Van Meter, an American writer, who was a fellow contributor to the anthology By My Side, has asked to interview me for her Website. More details of this to follow.

Now, back to the novella!

Are you Lost?

At long last I have revised my paranormal novella, Are you Lost? When first published, in two parts, the characters refused to leave my head. ‘My story is not finished ‘ insisted each character. So, after much thought and delving into the supernatural, I have completed part three and – Your story IS finished people! Haunt me no more – please!

Available from Amazon in paperback and e-book.

Enjoy my spooky tale!

SALE – 99p only

SALE – Twist & Mix – 99p only, until 8th August!


2 days left!

There are only 2 days left to download FREE – Shadow of a Memory. This short story, a spooky crime set on a canal boat, is part of a collection, Twist & Mix, which is also on special offer to download at 99p


Do you like creepy tales of the supernatural? Then Shadow of a Memory is for you. Download from Amazon, FREE from 30th July to 3rd August – five days only.

This story is part of a collection, Twist & Mix, an eclectic cocktail of stories to tantalise every taste. Mix the humour of village life with the fascination of the supernatural; the intrigue of crime with a smidgeon of fear; before adding a twist of emotion and romance.

From 1st August Twist & Mix is available to download from Amazon at the reduced price of 99p – for 7 days only




The Wishing Shelf Book Awards

Twist & Mix, my second collection of short stories, has won a Red Ribbon (Honourable Mention) in The Wishing Shelf Book awards.

I am pleased with the Readers’ Comments and thought I’d share some of them with you:

‘An interesting array of writings. I enjoyed many of them. Character development seems to be the author’s no. 1 skill. I particularly enjoyed A Chance For Charlie.

Female reader, aged 56 ‘I enjoy a good short story; perfect just before bed. There was an excellent mix here and plenty of fully formed characters to enjoy. Much of the writing was fresh and descriptive. Very enjoyable.’

Male reader, aged 42 ‘This author is very good at ‘showing’ and not ‘telling’, a rare gift.’

Male reader, aged 51 ‘Amusing in many ways and, as the blurb suggests, even thought-provoking. A short story is a tough sell but the author worked hard to offer the reader a set of well-written, character-driven shorts.’

Female reader, aged 42 Catchy Quote ‘A provocative mix of shorts; character-driven and, often, thought-provoking. A Red Ribbon winner!’

The Wishing Shelf Book Awards

Go here to see the Honourable Mention

(Red Ribbon): Scroll to the bottom of the page.

Swanwick Writers Summer School

Back from a wonderful week at Swanwick. 300 writers under one roof! The inspiration was amazing, so was the noise in the dining room! Courses, workshops, talks, entertainment, open mics…. It was brilliant. Met old friends, made new, come back with a folder full of information, a notebook full of scribbles and a brain that’s Swanicked out! Must get down to WRITE

Leominster Bookfair

Leominster Festival starts on 2nd June and continues until 11th June with a variety of entertainment, fun, music and family outings. For full details see the website:

The Family Fun Day is on Saturday June 10th on The Grange and includes a Bookfair – a must for all book lovers. There will be books for sale, local authors and publishers to discuss writing and publishing. There will be a Children’s Corner with storytelling and performance.

Come and browse, chat, enjoy the entertainment as you wander around the Grange. While you’re there, explore historic Grange Court, entry free.

I hope to see you there.

Are you Lost?

At long last, after a bout of viral flu that delayed my novella, Are you Lost?, is available in paperback and ebook format:



Happy Christmas

Wishing all my followers and friends a wonderful Christmas and a happy and peaceful year in 2017 x

Runaway Love

Runaway Love – a mystery/romance

Published in paperback and as an e-book earlier this year I am thrilled to hear I have just sold World Large Print Rights of Runaway Love to Ulverscroft, who publish large print editions for libraries.

Long time, no blog!

Hello Everyone,

I thought it about time I re-entered the world of writing. Due to a family bereavement I hadn’t written a word since Christmas. Then, in early August, I went to Swanwick Writers Summer School in Derbyshire for a week. 300 writers under one roof! Amazing, the chatter was tremendous. It was impossible to think of anything else and with courses, workshops, speakers, panels, quizzes and, of course, entertainment, it was a full-on week and so inspirational. I have come back, picked up the threads of my supernatural/mystery/obsessive love story which has been languishing half finished. My new mantra: “I will write 500 words…” Like New Year’s Resolutions I’m not sure how long it will last, but at least I’m on the keyboard again!


There will be a Bookfair, between 12.00 and 4.00, on Monday 30th May, part of the #leominsterfestival, held in the beautifully renovated and historic Grange Court, (dating back to 1663). Entry is free, come and meet local authors, read their books, treat yourself to homemade cakes and ice cream in the cafe. There is still time to book into one of the Writing Workshops, non-fiction and fiction.

The Festival is also organising a Fun Day on the Grange itself with events the whole family can enjoy. See for full details. A day out to remember

Runaway Love

Runaway Love, a story of heartache, intrigue and romance, has now been released as a paperback as well as available in e-book format. Read and enjoy!


29th February – a special day!

An extra day in my year – I intend to make it special. My novel, ‘Runaway Love’, has runaway to the publisher and is available to download from Amazon. The novel starts in February in Herefordshire, so today is a very appropriate day for it to become live! A story of heartache, love and mystery, set in the beautiful countryside, where the past must be confronted to find happiness in the present. Happy reading

No Escape has escaped!

Thanks to all the constructive comments about the cover of my latest book, No Escape, the title has been changed to Runaway Love, a title more suited to a romantic mystery story. A few other subtle changes and I think it is almost ready for publication. When I get to the stage of changing the changes back to the previous changes, I know I’ve changed enough!! Watch out for publication date. Thanks again to those who contributed

No Escape

At long last I’ve shaken off the post-Christmas procrastination and opened the laptop. The weather hasn’t helped, I’m a sunshine person. Yesterday I finished the final draft of my romantic/suspense novella, ‘No Escape’. You can run away but you can’t hide from love. There is no escape. Hopefully it will be available to download by the end of February. In the meantime, please can we have some sunshine!!

Successful New Year

2016 is here and I wish all my family and friends, whether writers, close friends or dancing friends, a Happy and Peaceful New Year, with good health and few problems.

May there be more Highs than Lows x

Happy Christmas

Wishing everyone a happy Christmas and peaceful and successful New Year. Thank you all for your encouragement and friendship

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