Baatram and Leominster Festival

Who is Baatram? Baatram, the symbolic Ryeland sheep, will be present at Leominster Festival from 1st to 9th June. For centuries Leominster’s economy relied on sheep rearing and wool processing. Ryeland wool, the fabled ‘Lemster Ore’ was exported to Milan as early as 1450.  There are events for all ages at Leominster Festival: literature, music, craft, dance, film and visual arts, with free family activities, walks, workshops and talks. Come and join in the fun, it’s going to be a wonderful week. Please visit the website: I hope to see you there


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One thought on “Baatram and Leominster Festival

  1. Trish April 14, 2013 at 2:33 pm Reply

    We’re also delighted that Fay will be speaking at the Leominster Festival!
    Monday 3rd June at the Granary at 3pm. Be there!

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